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Some Sites: News about Computers

  • ABC News: Technology: Science and technology headlines. [RSS]
  • Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast’s resource. Power users and the tools they love, without computing religion.
  • Computing: Articles on communication, hardware and programming issues. Research library, forums and product locator.
  • Cyber Aspect: Offers software and hardware reviews and industry news.
  • Freshnews: Headlines aggregated from several computer and technology news and discussion sites.
  • Freshnews: Most clicked headlines. [RSS]
  • Technology news postings with discussion. Covers hardware, software, and gaming.
  • Geeknews: News postings on software, hardware, gaming, and the Internet.
  • The Inquirer: European site for computer hardware news. Covers processors, graphics cards and major hardware providers.
  • IT Research Library: Provides tools, techniques and research to help IT and business professionals make educated buying decisions.
  • Supplies news, product information and links, categorized by industry branches. Features announces of print publications of Transcontinental Media Inc.
  • NewsFactor Network: The starting point for a network of technology news and information sites, including Wireless NewsFactor and CRM Daily.
  • Rediff On The Net: Infotech: Information and entertainment online, India infotech news and views, technology updates, information technology.
  • The Register: Independent news, views, opinions and reviews on the latest in the IT industry. Offices in London, Edinburgh, San Francisco and Mountain View.
  • Savage News: Source for hardware, software, and gaming news in weblog format. Downloads and links.
  • Slashdot: Source for technology related news with a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.
  • SleepyEgg: Covers technology, software, hardware and games news with analysis and commentary. Forums offer help, advice and friendly discussion on all hardware, software, networking technology related issues.
  • SoylentNews: News aggregation site that delivers articles about technology, science, and computing.
  • Techdirt: News, commentary, and discussions on important or interesting high tech news and includes newsletters.
  • Technology News: Provides a public reference library with mainframe specifications and publishes an electronic newsletter, infoperspectives, crammed with facts, figures, charts, statistics and trend analysis.
  • TechRadar: Technology news, reviews, buyer’s guides and videos.
  • Webuser: Internet and technology news from the UK Internet magazine.



Jornais do Acre

  • A GAZETA (Rio Branco):
  • A TRIBUNA (Rio Branco):
  • O RIO BRANCO (Rio Branco):
  • PAGINA 20 (Rio Branco):
  • VOZ DO NORTE (Cruzeiro do Sul):
  • Jornal Opinião (Rio Branco):
  • O Alto Acre (Rio Branco):
  • Tibuna do Juruá (Cruzeiro do Sul):

Agências de Notícias do Acre

  • Agência de Notícias do Acre
  • Notícias do Acre / Fotos
  • Agenda Cultural do Acre
  • Diário Oficial do Acre
  • Diário da Justiça do Acre

Webjornais do Acre

  • A Gazeta Net
  • Acre Alerta (Acre)
  • Acre Ao Vivo (Acre)
  • Portal Ecos da Notícia (Acre)
  • Giro Acreano (Acre)
  • Portal Contilnet Notícias (Acre)
  • AC 24 Horas (Rio Branco)
  • Acre Ao Vivo (Rio Branco)
  • Canal Acre (Rio Branco)
  • (Acre + Rio Branco)
  • Nativus 24 Horas (Rio Branco)
  • Assis Brasil Online (Assis Brasil)
  • Acrelândia News (Acrelândia)
  • 3 de Julho Notícias (Brasiléia)
  • Folha do Juruá (CZS)
  • A Crítica do Acre (Cruzeiro do Sul)
  • Batelão do Juruá (Cruzeiro do Sul)
  • Juruá Em Tempo (Cruzeiro do Sul)
  • Notícias da Fronteira
  • Correio do Acre (Feijó)
  • Feijó 24 Horas (Feijó)
  • Mâncio Lima Net
  • Portal Dimensão (Sena Madureira)
  • Sena 24 Horas (Sena Madureira)
  • Sena Online (+ Sena Madureira)
  • Portal Quinari Online

Futebol Acreano

  • Federação de Futebol do Acre
  • Campeonato Acreano
  • Notícias Futebol Acreano
  • ACEA Esportes
  • Grande Área
  • Blog do Deise Leite

Provedores de Conteúdo

  • Afiliada Rede Record (TV Gazeta) – Rio Branco / AC
  • Afiliada Band (TV5 AC) – Rio Branco / AC
  • TV Rio Branco (Afiliada SBTTV) – Rio Branco AC
  • TV Juruá (Afiliada SBTTV Juruá) – Cruzeiro do Sul AC
  • Afiliada TV Globo (Acre TV Rede Amazônica) – RBR AC

Blogs de Jornalismo do Acre

  • Blog do Altino Machado (Rio Branco)
  • Blog Radialista A. Mendes (+ Acrelândia)
  • Blog do Carlos Portela (Epitaciolândia)
  • Blog Acre Feijó New (+ Feijó)
  • Blog Fala Jordão (Jordão)
  • Blog Jordão Agora (+ Jordão)
  • Blog Purusline (+ Manoel Urbano)
  • Blog Ambiente Placidiano (+ Plácido de Castro)
  • Blog do Antônio Pereira (+ Porto Acre)
  • Blog do Galvão (+ Sta. Rosa do Purus)
  • Blog do Accioly (+ Tarauacá)
  • Blog Xapuri Agora (Xapuri)
  • Blog Xapuri em Destaque (+ Xapuri)
  • Blog Alma Acreana (Acre)
  • Blog História do Acre (Acre)
  • Blog Política na Floresta (Acre)
  • Blog AGEPEN AC (Acre)
  • Blog Direitos Humanos AC (Acre)


Periódicos y Diarios de Aragón (Incluidos Digitales)

Periódicos Diarios de Zaragoza

  • HERALDO DE ARAGÓN (Zaragoza):

Periódicos Diarios de Huesca


Periódicos Diarios de Teruel